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PT Seken Geothermal Energy

PT Seken Geothermal Energy ("SGE") is a consultation services company focuses on geothermal energy business, which established by well-experience Indonesian experts.

  • SGE is established by the purpose of to provide business solution specifically on geoscience and engineering field to improve company’s performance in order to manage geothermal filed, both during exploration and exploitation periods.
  • SGE has professional team with same target and passion, so as directing all SGE experts to unify their abilities and experiences for the purpose of consulting and training services in a professional manner.



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Company Vision

To be a local geothermal consulting company that is able to provide services with quality standards of skills, expertise and professional, superior, and the best work systems in the geothermal industry in Indonesia


Company Mission

Providing geothermal consultation services from upstream (exploration & exploitation) to downstream (energy utilization) in order to achieve target efficiently and effectively.

Contribute in creating Indonesia’s geothermal youth that are skilful and professional.

Providing human resource for geothermal sector in Indonesia.

Assist national geothermal industry in developing its company.

Company Name:

PT Seken Geothermal Energy

Establishment Date:

11 Mei 2018

Business Field:

Geothermal Consultation and Geothermal Training Services

Establishment Legal Basis:

Deed Establishment No. 05 Dated 7 May 2018 and has obtained legalization from Minister of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia by virtue of Decree No. AHU-0024736.AH.01.01.TAHUN 2018

Head Quarter:

Rukan Duta Mas Fatmawati Blok B1 No.17, Jl. RS Fatmawati No.39, Jakarta Selatan 12150

Struktur Organisasi

Directors and Board Of Commisioners

Struktur Organisasi

Pemilik Perusahaan

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